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Note: this review is from the perspective of the PC version of the game. I simply ordered the PS4 Collector's Edition because I wanted it so badly and it was the only one in stock.Pros:- Extremely detailed and gorgeous open world.- Strong RPG elements and V is customizable, though the options are somewhat lacking.- Combat and driving mechanics passable. Guns carry weight and feel good.- Diverse options for combat and freedom to approach objectives from any angle.- No end of things to do. Side activities can get monotonous (like "?" objectives in the Witcher 3), but full-fledged side quests feel like their own mini-stories.- Engrossing main storyline, great voice acting, and terrific writing. Dialogue features branching paths.- Keanu Reeves!!!Cons:- Builds are important for higher difficulties and it can take some getting used to when it comes to learning the systems.- Bugs bugs bugs. While I personally have had virtually no experiences with major bugs to speak of, others I know have. It's much, much better on PC than consoles, but still needs some patching.- Vehicles and V's apartment are NOT customizable. Many suspect CDPR will add this as free DLC/update down the road.- Eddies (currency in-game) can be hard to come by unless you're extremely frugal and/or don't mind grinding side activities to get loot and rewards.Bottom Line:It's not perfect by any means, but as far as the PC version goes, it's completely playable and when it's at its best, it's one of the most entertaining video games I've ever played. For fans of RPG and open world titles, this is a must play. Though if you play on console (specifically last gen models of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), I'd wait a month or so until they iron out the wrinkles.


Big Willie Johnson

Believe what you’ve saw or read online this game is broken AF even when running on a PS5. Glitches and crashes galore. The art book is is visually pleasing, the statue is meh, the car key chain is the best part of the collection. But way too pricey for a game that with all the hype one would have thought should have been game of the century but rather a broken beyond belief disaster. Avoid avoid avoid!!!



Beautiful collectors edition. I'm currently 10 hours into the game and I’m loving it! Very immersive open-world, great characters, and good writing. The combat and driving are pretty good, especially for CDPR's first attempt at it. I haven't run into any game-breaking glitches, just a few silly ones. Love the collectors edition figure and all of the small details. Also love the art book that comes with it! I’m playing on the PS4 Pro at the moment and the performance is decent, but I’m hoping to upgrade to the PS5 soon.



Ps4 pro user here. This game is phenomenal, yes there are some bugs but it doesn’t take away from the beauty and depth that this game offers. Fallout nor red dead come close to the how big your choices effect you in this game. The technical bugs are getting patched and improving the game we just got one yesterday and I already see the difference. Give this game a chance you will not dissatisfied!



I've been waiting for this game for a very long time. Before its release, I managed to rebuild a PC, using rare (at the time of this review) parts like AMD's 5800x CPU and Nvidia's 3070. I also ordered the Collector's Edition for PS4, because the PC version was not available and because I have PS4 Pro so might as well play it on both platforms, like I did with games like Witcher 3. So my impressions will be both about PC version and PS4 version.The day of release arrives, I start playing it and as much as I wanted this game to be good - it is sadly not good at all. So far, there is a HUGE amount of bugs, especially when it comes to AI:- NPCs walking through elevator doors- NPCs floating when running away- Scared NPCs just run in the middle of the road, in front of moving cars, then crouch and sit there, with dozens of NPCs running and crouching into same spot- NPCs stuck in single animation pose- The mouth not animating when NPCs speak- NPCs and cars just clipping through each others like there is no collision detection- NPCs just sitting in their cars without reacting to you when you are just pounding on their car using melee attack. Which does no visible damage to a car. Until the car starts to burst into flames. With NPC in it still doing nothing. Until the car finally explodes. And yes, this is what I saw.Aside from broken AI system, there are many other flaws, such as the UI and inventory system not being intuitive, crafting being totally unnecessary and unenjoyable, sidequests being pretty boring, the character's origin being pretty meaningless (Bioware did a better character origin system in Dragon Age: Origins), the dialogue selections having useless options or not having options at all and just forcing you to accept the choice the game provides. The random dialogue the NPCs have between each other when you walk on streets is also pretty shallow and short, making the whole city feel like a generic video game instead of a living world. Talking to random NPCs is also pretty useless, most of the time you'll get a single sentence out of them without any options. There is also no ability to change your character's physical appearance later in game at the current moment, you can only change the clothing but not things like hair shape or color, so you are pretty much stuck with whatever character's physical appearance which you create at the beginning of the game.And the game's overall performance is just ok, but only if you have pretty powerful hardware on PC (even then I would highly suggest to actually disable some features because they simply make everything more blurry, options like Film Grain, Motion Blur and Chromatic Aberration). The actual performance of last-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One is absolutely terrible, I had to wait 20 seconds for textures on some characters to load when playing PS4 version, with many characters and objects just looking like they were made for PS2, with very low object detail, very bad lighting and overall pretty blurry image. There are also issues related to console version of this game, like DS4 controller's stick drift or controls not feeling responsive at random times. I do understand that the last gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One are pretty weak from technical point of view, but other companies still release games that have a version for that generation of consoles and those games look beautiful and perform well even on such dated consoles. If CDPR could not optimize their engine for last generation consoles - they should've just cancelled the version for PS4 and Xbox One or outsourced porting the game to consoles to a more competent developer.Long story short - this game is very badly broken on both PC and console, with console version being barely playable if you have previous generation of consoles (I played both versions) due to lack of engine optimization. Witcher 3 was a masterpiece compared to this in terms of story, quest writing, performance and visual appearance and the world feeling "alive" and I feel sorry that I actually ordered the Collector's Edition of this game for PS4 and also paid full price for PC version.

4.6 / 5
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