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Are you busy and find it hard to eat healthy while on the go? Then these superfood travel packs are made for YOU! These single serve packets are perfect to pack in your suitcase or carry-on. Simply add to your water, nut milk, breakfast or any other meal! Each box contains 10 servings/portion packets. Simply choose your favorite Your Super mixes and add them to the cart. OR take the Super Travel Bundle to get each of our 7 mixes! ✓ 7 functional mixes formulated by orthomolecular nutritionists for optimal health ✓ For more energy, vegan protein, immunity, and antioxidants ✓ 100% naturally dried whole foods - no sweeteners, fillers or anything artificial! ✓ Sustainably sourced ingredients are tested by independent labs ✓ Handy portion packs - easy to use and perfect for traveling Mellow Yellow $19.90 - 10 x 5gIngredients: Turmeric* (India), Ashwagandha* (India), Ginger* (India), Cinnamon* (India), Lucuma* (Peru) and Pepper* (India) *= Organic certified Forever Beautiful $19.90 - 10 x 5gIngredients: Chia Seeds* (Bolivia), Acai* (Brazil), Maqui* (Chile), Acerola* (Brazil), Maca* (Peru) and Blueberry* (Finland) Powder. *Organic Certified Super Green $19.90 - 10 x 5gIngredients: Wheatgrass* (Germany), Barley Grass* (Germany), Moringa* (Tanzania), Baobab* (Senegal), Spirulina* (Germany) and Chlorella* (Germany) Powder. *Organic Certified Power Matcha $19.90 - 10 x 5gIngredients: Matcha* (Japan), Moringa* (Tanzania), Maca* (Peru), Wheatgrass* (Germany) and Barley Grass* (Germany) Powder. *Organic Certified Energy Bomb $19.90 - 10 x 5gIngredients: Acai* (Brazil), Guarana* (Brazil), Maca* (Peru), Lucuma* (Ecuador) and Banana* (Peru) Powder. *Organic Certified Chocolate Lover $19.90 - 10 x 10gIngredients: Cacao* (Peru), Carob* (Peru), Shredded Coconut* (Sri Lanka), Chia Seeds* (Bolivia) and Lucuma* (Peru) Powder. *Organic Certified Skinny Protein $24.90 - 10 x 15gIngredients: Hemp Protein* (Romania), Pea Protein* (Spain), Moringa* (Tanzania), Spirulina* (Germany) and Alfalfa* Powder (Germany). *Organic Certified Muscle Power $24.90 - 10 x 15gIngredients: Pea Protein* (Spain), Rice Protein* (Spain), Maca* (Peru), Lucuma* (Peru) and Banana Powder* (Ecuador). *Organic Certified Superfood Mixes For On-The-Go On-The-Go Superfoods

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