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Power Source:Solar
Number of Batteries:1 Product Specific batteries required.
Model Name:RA3464

Description : Casio MS-80B Standard Function Desktop Calculator, Black : Electronics

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I just received and used this calculator, and it's a steal. It replaces a much pricier 



I often use the calculator app on windows with the keyboard num pad, but I thought it would be nice to have a calculator on my desk so I don't always have to open an app or switch between apps. Something that I didn't consider when ordering was the placement of the buttons. On a standard keyboard num pad, the decimal is under the 3 key, as is the case with most standard calculators I've ever used. On this calculator the decimal is under the 2 and = is under the 3. My muscle memory from using the num pad for so long keeps making me hit the = sign instead of the decimal and the sign instead of the =. I find switching between this calculator then back to my num pad is a hassle. I will be ordering a new calculator with the button layout more similar to a standard keyboard num pad, so I can switch between the two with ease.


Don Jr

It gives wrong totals when adding a percent (%)example: 100.00 10% is 110.00 on this calculator it gives you a total of 111.11111



I just wanted a basic desk calculator for doing my bills and a few other things. This calculator works fine for my needs however the other bad reviews here are right if your doing percentages you will get the wrong answer every time. This is pretty basic math that this calculator can't get right that's nuts. It does adding, subtracting and times table fine but percentages all all jacked up. so if you do 100 20% you'll get 125 instead of 120. Where this thing REALLY goes bonkers is when your subtracting % for example 100 - 20 % is 80 But this goofy thing thing give me 400. Totally insane.


Mark James

Key action is good. Extra large display is good. I deducted two stars because of the incorrect product information which says that it takes a common AAA battery which was the main reason I chose this particular model. I don't like button batteries because you have to buy a twelve pack of batteries (for nearly the same cost as that calculator) that you will probably never use to get the one you need and every device I have takes a different type battery. Then the instructions say, "Always leave battery replacement up to an authorized dealer." There is no easily accessible battery compartment on this unit. Two of the screws to open up the unit are underneath the base pads which would have to be removed and then glued back on. And as stated, the battery life is expected to be 3 years. Bottom line is that it is a 3-year calculator. You would pay more money to replace the battery than just buying another calculator. So you end up tossing out the calculator when the battery dies or dealing with only using it in a well-lighted room.

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