Žieminė automobilio padanga Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4, 245/45 R18 100 V E C 70

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<strong>Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4</strong><br><strong>Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:</strong><br><br><br> <div><img xss=removed src="" alt="" width="297" height="465"></div> <br><br><br> <p>The Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 winter tyre is designed to fulfil the expectations of keen drivers and safety-conscious motorists who expect superb performance at the grip limit – not only is this desirable for sporty driving, but it greatly increases the chances of successfully avoiding sudden dangers on slippery roads.</p> <p>The Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 provides excellent control on ice and snow, and has been certified by the <em>Ultra-High Performance Vehicles Manufacturers Association</em>. The Helio Compound+, a unique formula of silica-based rubber compound, allows the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 to remain flexible and grippy at very low temperatures – ensuring sharp steering response and excellent braking distances in all circumstances.</p>

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