Mortal Kombat 11: Premium Edition - PlayStation 4

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The all new custom character variations give you unprecedented control to customize the fighters and make them your own The new graphics engine showcasing every skull shattering, eye popping moment, brings you so close to the fight you can feel it And featuring a roster of new and returning Klassic Fighters, Mortal Kombat's best in class cinematic story mode continues the epic saga over 25 years in the making 1 - 2 players; Network players 2 - 8 full game requires PlayStation plus membership to access online multiplayer; Dualshock 4 vibration function; HD video output 720p, 1080i, 1080p

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So, I was a bit surprised when I opened the box that I didn't see anything but the disk. I then loaded the game, didn't receive Shao Kahn. Checked online, apparently pre-ordered physical copy is supposed to have a piece of paper with Shao Kahn redemption code on it. Sadly I don't have that. Please help.


miss griffin

I preordered this game and did not get my code for Shao Kahn!



This literally is a downgrade from the past two entries. Movements have been slowed down and combos do not feel as smooth. It just doesn't have that fluid movement that I came to love in MK 9 and 10. The roster is abundant with old and new characters, but they are some odd choices. Old characters don't play like they used to and are not enjoyable to use. New characters are uninspiring and boring.Graphically the game looks good, and the effects of specials are nice to look at too. The music is OK as well, but really is nothing special. Character customization is cool BUT- you need to spend hours grinding to get skins and what not. They made it this way so you would spend real money on time crystals to buy stuff in the store- an absolute joke.Story mode is fun and cool, probably the best part of this game honestly. The towers are the same as before, along with everything else. There is a tutorial which is nice.Overall- Not a bad game, but much worse than the old ones. The season pass is an absolute joke and so is the crypt. I hope players take a stand against this kind of stuff.


Has No Name

Meh, is the best way to describe this game. Nothing spectacular or new. They removed X-Ray move and reworked small chucks of it into to combos. They added a mini fatality-like feature called “Fatal Blow”, you can still do a fatality or mercy after it.Gameplay is overall sluggish, most combo-able moves have been Nerf’d such as scorpions Get Over Here now automatically hits the person when close with his blade leaving you to wide gap and way to do an uppercut or combo.The lack-Roster:The roster is very underwhelming, recycled MKX characters include Erron Black, D’Vorah, and everyone’s LEAST FAVORITE from MKX Cassie Cage and jacqui briggs. But let’s not forget the one character no-one wanted should be included Kotal Khan. I’m sure he’ll summon more tribal blocks that do nothing.As always you can expect NOT TO play as the following:Rain (THE MOST REQUEST FAN CHARACTER), Sindel, Smoke, Cyrax, Sektor, Ermac, Reptile, Shiva, Mileena, Goro, Motaro, Kintaro, Shang Tsung (cut content-extra paid dlc at launch?), Nightwolf, Stryker, Jarek, Kai, Tanya, Blaze, Kenshi, Li mei, Mavado, Havik and many many more you would actually want to play are not in the game.Overall don’t waste your time, MK9 is still better then this game, not graphically but you at least have a game in MK9 that is worth your investment. I would call MK11 the Gran Turismo PSP of all MK games. It’s there but do you really have a reason to play it?The only reason I give it the 2 stars is the fact that they did a decent job with the fatalities and the upgraded graphics since MKX.=== UPDATE ===The games story campaign has Cyrax and Sektor as fully fightable NPC. Including special moves and X-ray and everything that’s expected of a playable fighter..... Except they are NOT PLAYABLE for no good reason! At best these will be PAID DLC for excess money or not released at all.Sheeva is featured in the story cutscenesUpgraded Lui Kang “Fire God Lui Kang” that was feature in Launch Trailer is only usable at the last chapter of the story and IS NOT unlockable. Only his Skin can be u locked for regular Lui Kang in the Krypt at random box.


Timothy Cook

After finding out about the in-game censorship (which is fine), and Jax's ending, I briefly brought it up to get other people's feedback on it. Not even a minute later, NetherRealm themselves banned me. When I spoke to them to figure out why, they responded that I was making numerous homophobic remarks (which never happened). I demand an apology and want the company to stop these practices immediately! Several others are in a similar situation, so it's a real problem!Edit: Since so many people in the comments are getting their feelings hurt by my negative comments, I will explain in detail why. I was a part of the MK community on their official discord server, they have several mods who works for the studio (and WBgames). I did not complain about the controversies in the room, I was asking for other people's opinions about it. I was immediately banned just for bringing it up. I spoke to someone in charge of the server at that time, they brought up the lie about me to keep me banned. Since that happened, I could no longer get support for the game, even on their social media support pages and the official website! I was going to report numerous bugs that I encountered, but no one got back to me. Since that encounter, I just returned the game and will likely never support NetherRealm Studios and WBGames again. And guess what? I don't care what anyone else thinks. If I have this bad of an experience with a company and/or game, I will leave negative reviews about it, and will definitely be voting with my wallet! If you don't like it, too bad!

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